Dr. Chanel Maffeo - Veterinarian

Dr. Chanel Maffeo is a valued veterinarian at Carmel Road Animal Hospital.

Dr. Maffeo earned her DVM from the University of Florida in 2022 where she graduated with honors. Before veterinary school, she attended Florida State University where she completed a bachelor’s degree in biology. During undergraduate and veterinary school she spent many hours working with various species from black bears to sugar gliders as well as with various shelters. She has special interests in preventative medicine, dermatology, and surgery.

Dr. Maffeo believes that every pet deserves individualized care and education is one of the greatest tools we have in veterinary medicine. She appreciates the power of the human-animal bond and believes quality medicine should not only focus on the health of the pet but the maintaining the bond between pets and their owners.

Outside of veterinary medicine she loves hiking with her two rescue pups, Abby and Sadie. She also loves wildlife photography, and biking, and says you can often find her curled up in a hammock reading a good book!