Dr. Sudarsanam Kundla - Veterinarian

Dr. Sudarsanam Kundla is a valued veterinarian at Carmel Road Animal Hospital.

Bio & photo coming soon!

“The doctor was so kind, and compassionate towards my dog. He's like the "Dog Whisperer"! You can tell that he genuinely has a deep love for animals. My dog Winston had his dental cleaning, the doctor called me during to give me updates, and after. His teeth looked amazing! I had no idea that it was possible at 9 years old! They sent me a dental report before and after pics...I was floored! His staff is great as well, especially Tiffany. She took her time with me to explain everything and give me all the information I needed prior to and after Winston's visit. She was great!!! I definitely recommend Dr. Kundla for whatever services your dog or cat should need. He is very reasonably priced too and is not out to gauge you. He simply loves and cares for the animals he treats!!! Ruff! Ruff!”

Robyn G.