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Keeping your pet well-groomed is an important part of pet care. At Carmel Road Animal Hospital, we want to help you with all of your pet grooming needs. Our Hospital provides grooming services for dogs and cats that help improve their appearance and ensure they are in good health. In fact, we consider our grooming services a critical part of our overall pet care service offerings. 

Our services include basic grooming, such as baths and brushing. This helps keep your pet’s skin and coat clean and should be done regularly. If you have trouble grooming pets at home, our services ensure that they are taken care of. In addition to these services, we also check for health problems that can affect your pet’s skin or coat. As we bathe or brush your pet, we check for signs of fleas, ticks, skin conditions and other skin or coat problems. Keep in mind that these health issues can cause your pet discomfort. Our groomers carefully look for these signs, so that your pet can receive treatment for them right away. We also remove mats, which can cause skin irritation in pets. 

 Our groomers check for other signs of health problems that can appear on your pet’s skin as well, such as bumps, rashes or sores. These can be early warning signs of a disease or infection that needs treatment. If our groomers note any signs of a health condition, we let our veterinarians know so that they can provide your pet with the care they need. We also look for wounds, sores and other problems on your pets’ paws and check their ears for dirt or debris which can build up and cause irritation or infections. 

Carmel Road Animal Hospital Offer Professional Grooming for Your Pet

Our veterinarians and groomers work together to make sure your pets receive quality wellness care. If your pets have any fleas or sensitive spots, our groomers have the right grooming supplies to use. We bathe pets with medicated shampoos or shampoos that help control flea infestations when needed. We are also careful when handling any areas on your pet’s body that are sore or sensitive.

In addition to bathing, we also offer other types of grooming services. Our groomers can trim your pets’ nails to allow them to walk comfortably and to reduce the risk of having one or more nails tear from being caught on objects. Our services also include brushing with the proper brushes and other supplies needed for a healthy coat that is free of tangles and mats, anal gland expression (only for dogs), ear cleaning and ear hair plucking.

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